About us

Family and Veteran Owned


Close to the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak we suddenly went from a family of five to  seven. Needless to say, there has never been a boring day since and I wouldn't change it for the world. Ignoring reasonable logic, we have recently added a new furry family member increasing the excitement all the more! 

Small Family-Owned Business

We are a one inspector shop providing quality and thorough residential home inspection from an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (CPI). We also offer licensed professional radon measurement. Our radon measurement is conducted with only state of the art and regularly calibrated equipment. We are fully insured and backed by InterNACHI's Buy Back Guarantee.

Your Inspector

Thank you for taking your time to visit our site to learn a little more about us. My name is Justin,  I'm so glad you found us and are hopefully considering allowing us to serve your inspection needs. I'm originally from the upper midwest. After graduating high school, I joined the Air Force where I served in electronic communications. After separating from the Air Force, I was determined to serve as a high school math teacher. I'm currently in my fifteenth year of teaching. At some point earlier in my career, I had my first child and it was time to move from a one bedroom apartment into a house to make a home. Resources were limited, but we found a "fliipped" home which really fit the needs of the family at the time. The home was beautiful with all new upgrades. The inspection went well and lived happy with the home for several years. Finally, it was time to learn about some maintenance, as I had found the toilet was leaking into the crawl space. Upon replacing some hardware under the toilet, I was able to poke my finger through the subfloor.  From that point on, I spent the next decade going through every system and component in the home to find much of the work done to the house was a cosmetic cover up. This lead me to begin training as a home inspector to know the "look-for" tales of what lies beneath the cosmetic facade. My mission is to help prevent home buyers from experiencing this kind of surprise which can be costly and time consuming. Thanks again for visiting us and please reach out with any questions.